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Become a Volunteer!

Are you a post-secondary student or a STEM enthusiast residing in the GTA East region searching for an exciting and rewarding opportunity to invest into tomorrow’s future leaders? A position is waiting for you at the helm of Durham’s youth-led grassroots organization Black Physicians of Tomorrow (BPT) !  Volunteer for one of the most innovative organizations in the east as we change the face of medicine and allied health professions in Canada.


BPT is looking for individuals with a passion for STEM and education, the type of individuals with undeniable drive and have the endurance to keep giving their all on the road to success.  


We invite you to experience a culture that is built to support and empower you in a way that fosters growth, which is unique to you and your skills. Be the very best you can be with BPT.


As Tutors, you can help shape the future of some of the brightest and most talented, creative high school students in the Eastern Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Mentors are being recruited to educate and lead in a manner that introduces professional workplace insights into the mix.  With the best talent on our team, the students we are very fortunate to work with and have the responsibility to nurture will be enabled to be their best selves.  


To apply to become a volunteer in a different capacity than the opportunities outlined below: send a cover letter, resume to and quote your desired duties in the subject line. 


Successful candidates will be contacted via email and or telephone by Black Physicians of Tomorrow with more information.

Position: Tutor
Location: Pickering, ON
  • Knowledge and referral of resources to support families in need of additional academic support

  • Conduct consultations with a view on helping youth elevate beyond where they are currently

  • Develop tailored strategies to combat learning challenges

  • Partner with educators and family to leverage shared interest of improving academic performance 

  • Communicate findings of potential opportunities where BPT and the STEM Works program can further address & support needs, increase reciprocal exchange and inherent benefits

Position: Mentor
Location: Pickering, ON
  • Interview students to determine their overall understanding of required skills and responsibilities of desired positions

  • Inform students of recruiting processes, providing tips where possible to improve candidacy 

  • Advise, consult and be the example of their desired profession 

  • Interact with students regularly to ensure that their questions, related to professional work experience and or insight, are answered

  • Provide feedback and suggestions for any improvements to the mentoring process, standards and tools that will help improve the overall effectiveness of the Mentoring component of the STEM Works program.

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