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Starting with Diagnosis  

Conceptually, Black Physicians of Tomorrow (BPT) was created as the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) chapter of the University of Toronto's - Community of Support (COS) initiative.


Along with several other chapters across the province, BPT also maintains its presence in supporting black undergraduate students  who are interested in the broad scope of medicine. The COS initiative, spearheaded by Ike Okafur of the University of Toronto's Faculty of Medicine, is a mandate to increase the number of black health practitioners in Ontario, Canada.

Treating Disparity

What started in 2015, was the seed which would grow into the grassroots organization that is BPT. The unique challenges that Durham region presents are sharply felt, as one marginalized community missing representation in a critical workforce.


The implicit effects of having a mere 1.2 black students enrolled across Canada's 12 medical school are not lost on us. Social determinants of health is a subject we know very well as aspiring physicians.


In 2018, our board of directors decided to take a more active role as stakeholders of our community. We've decided to give our best to care for vulnerabilities that exist outside of Oshawa, Ontario and into the neighboring cities in Durham region.

Finding A Cure

Together, with your help, we can be the strength that uplifts a generation to new heights. We can invoke the new standards of diversity and inclusion, for the Black Physicians of Tomorrow.

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