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Knowledge For the Kids

Black Physicians of Tomorrow provide a large variety of workshops, ranging from sessions packed with STEM-based information by our tutors, to fun activities that help keep kids busy during the weekend. We also include free food as well as giveaways during a majority of our events. Due to covid, our workshops are currently being primarily over zoom, with virtual gift card codes being sent to cover food and item costs when necessary for students. 

Recent Workshops

The Science of Sound

Black and Yellow Creative Piano Lesson Instagram Post.png

This webinar will cover an introduction to acoustics (the science of sound), allowing us to discover and engage with the fundamentals of music. 

Past Workshops

Free Afro-Futurism
Painting Workshop

Art Exhibit Instagram Post 2.png

Students will get the chance to reflect on what kind of world they envision for future generations of Black youth and to create a guided Afrofuturism-themed painting. 

Movie Night

Black Gold Film Movie Night Invitation.jpg

We're hosting a movie night this Saturday, December 18th! Register and vote on your movie choice in the link below and in our bio! Spaces are limited. Show up wearing pjs or holiday gear for a chance to win a gift card!⠀

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